a new laughin and stabbin track

Posted on Monday 17 October 2005

I bartered some website work for two days of studio time with TJ down at Silver Sonya, and here are the results:

Laughin and Stabbin - Born in ‘72

Creative Commons License

This song is no relation to the Travis Morrison tune of the same name. I swear! First I heard of his track was when I was down there in DC and Chad asked me about it, eyebrow raised.

5 Responses to “a new laughin and stabbin track”

  1. Android Says:

    That is goddamn greattt. Keep it coming.

  2. Wildman Says:

    Ulf Magnet! The source for our song, the source of our bliss.

  3. Jo Says:

    Neat! Hip groove and the arrangement works for me. Sounds like you’re having fun. All the best!

  4. dane "tchaikovsky" blah Says:

    SWEET. I’ve been wanting to hear this song for about two or three months, since I heard the rough mix. Awesome that you’re updating again.

  5. Uwe Hermann Says:

    Laughin and Stabbin - Born in ‘72

    A fantastic, mellow song from ulfmagnet.com. Check it out.
    (found via Big Contact Open Channel)
    Song: Laughin and Stabbin - Born in ‘72 (2:44 min, 6.3 MB)
    License: CC-by-nc-sa 2.5
    Source: ulfmagnet.com

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