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atavistic childhood psychedelia

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Former WPRB music director Dan Ruccia posted this to the cassettemythos mailing list and I couldn’t resist… nothing makes you happy like your life’s first encounter with bizarre-itude.

byben 2006

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My soon-to-be-sister-in-law and her husband are both fashion designers. You might know them from the costumes they did for Le Tigre’s last US tour, and if you’ve ever seen the Locust play you’ve also seen their work.
The best yet, I think is their 2006 line. Their Death Valley shoot for this must have been […]

altoona next exit

( places and image and aberrations )

Brace yourselves and bear in mind I have no easy explanation for this

Also by the same painter. Why Altoona? Is that Pittsburgh burning on the horizon?

via ted, over a year ago
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my dad’s latest success

( yeah )

Congratulations to my father and his business partner Sally Rubenstone, whose college admissions counseling site got a seriously high-profile mention in Friday’s New York Times! The article is currently #4 on the “most emailed articles” list on the site. The forums on their site are complete insanity. I’m glad the Times […]