Posted on Monday 16 October 2006

jim o'rourke's

Quite revealing - Amazon UK as “guest edited” by Jim O’Rourke. He rattles off an eclectic list of favorite albums:

  • Sparks - “Propaganda”
  • the “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” soundtrack
  • Bill Fay - “Time of the Last Persecution” (which a different Jim also just turned me onto)
  • Genesis - “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”
  • Van Dyke Parks - “Song Cycle”
  • and a bunch more I need to check out…

I can see little bits of these sprinkled throughout Jim O’Rourke’s “pop” records- “Eureka”, “Insignificance”, and that EP “Halfway to a Threeway”. Jim’s a quirky, picky, cranky, brilliant dude and it shows in these choices and his sort of impenetrable illuminations of them, e.g.

Derek Bailey, Mirakle - If you look through the trees, you might see a small group of people around a campfire, an odd collective, the wizened sage sits on a tree stump, the tree cut down to build his “axe” (and this is why we have the term) while a tour bus stands nearby, wheels flat, on a standstill from its journey to “funkytown”, or whatever the hell Lipss Inc was goin. How come that name was never hailed much? It’s brilliant. Anyways, oh yes, Derek Bailey, Jamaladeen Tacuma and Calvin Weston get down to some serious abstract funk. As Mike Varney from Guitar Player magazine would say “this one shreds!”

Now if I could only track down Jim’s supposed personal site from years ago, Hoobalaboobala, which has mysteriously disappeared from the internet.

(via “the ONLY Bill Fay site on the internet”)

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