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drinking while synthesizing, and hungry androids

( work and projects and technology and sound )

From the recently re-launched (an Ulf Magnetics, Inc. project), here is a fairly amazing example of one of the early uses of the Moog synthesizer: as a means of shilling Schaefer beer (among countless other products.) Jingle king Edd Kalehoff does some mean analog knob-twiddling, ivory-tickling, and boozing herein:

Free registration required, […]

a ride to the pacific and back

( bike and places and projects )

Today I finally made the 47-mile ride to the Pacific Ocean and back. This ride was unofficially my first mini-goal on the way to a much (!) larger goal of taking a bike trip to Portland sometime in the next year and a half.
I’ve been getting sort of addicted to cycling since […]

adventures in obscurity: zc-reader, a reader for ZeldaClassic quest files

( projects and technology and image )

ZeldaClassic is a PC-based emulator and editor for the NES 8-bit classic game The Legend of Zelda. I’ve been thinking for some time about a way to get my hands on the data that constitutes the Overworld map of this game for use in a couple of art projects (covered by fair use, I […]

firth of july 2006 demos

( projects and culture and sound )

By now you’ve heard of Lipplestock, or Lipplefest, or the Firth/Fourventh/Sorxth of July parties held on a nearly annual basis at TJ’s parent’s place in Altoona, PA. Ulf Magnet got itself together, barely, to play a few tunes this year. Here are the demos of the three originals in case you’re really jonesing […]


( words and projects and aberrations )

Ahhh, the bitter sting of rejection:
Dear John,
A quick note to say thanks but regrets on the crossword you sent me in March–IGUANA/ENFOLDS.
The grid contains quite a few obscurities and made-up entries, like CLEAVE AT, RSH, CONNEM, UES, AS CAKE, HILAND, OKED TO, BE AS COY, IMPARO, SMART MOB, TO SEE THE, AILETH, NAI, BAC, CELEXA, […]