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vinyl records that contain computer games

Strangely enough, I can count among my earliest memories the buzzsaw-and-angry-hornets sound of computer games loading into our Atari 800 home computer from cassette tape. What I never knew, until today, was that real live vinyl records have been released containing program data. provides an entertaining and exhaustive overview of this weirdness, […]

drinking while synthesizing, and hungry androids

( work and projects and technology and sound )

From the recently re-launched (an Ulf Magnetics, Inc. project), here is a fairly amazing example of one of the early uses of the Moog synthesizer: as a means of shilling Schaefer beer (among countless other products.) Jingle king Edd Kalehoff does some mean analog knob-twiddling, ivory-tickling, and boozing herein:

Free registration required, […]

adventures in obscurity: zc-reader, a reader for ZeldaClassic quest files

( projects and technology and image )

ZeldaClassic is a PC-based emulator and editor for the NES 8-bit classic game The Legend of Zelda. I’ve been thinking for some time about a way to get my hands on the data that constitutes the Overworld map of this game for use in a couple of art projects (covered by fair use, I […]

asciiscope live!

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We spent a good bit of time after the honeymoon throwing together an “art installation”, or something not unlike that, for a show organized by my friend Ben last Sunday at Goodbye Blue Monday in Bushwick. Becca and I had grandiose plans for the installation to say the least — involving a robotic waveform […]

fear of a black hat

I don’t usually have strong responses to the ongoing war of attrition being waged between media interests and their consumer base, but Sony has really taken the whole Digital Rights Management thing to a whole new level now.
The entire experience was frustrating and irritating. Not only had Sony put software on my system that uses […]