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some thoughts about inspiration and the nurturing of ideas

So, a question about inspiration: does it flow downhill, from big ideas? From philosophy and great literature and nature? From contemplating God and existence? Or does it grow up out of the dirt, out of the compost heap of the subconscious, from the residue of countless tiny experiences filed away deep? […]

my mathematical namesake

( numbers and thought )

I wish this were actually named after me.
The Berry paradox is the apparent contradiction that arises from expressions such as the following:
The smallest positive integer not definable in under eleven words.

You see, it’s a paradox, cause the statement itself, which defines said integer, is only ten words long! Get it? Hmmm. This […]

the inspiration of technical eggs

( projects and image and thought )

I went to see my old friend Sean last night at an opening down at Gigantic Art Space down on Franklin Street. He has a very interesting piece called Cabinet showing there as part of a group show called “Object Lessons.” From that gallery’s description of the piece:
“Cabinet is based on a research […]

thinking in increments

( thought )

So here’s an idea: keep a detailed record of your progress on the various projects that are constantly popping up in your free time, gaining and losing your fickle mind’s favor, drifting in and out of focus. Enumerate new ideas. Become at least vaguely accountable to an imaginary audience who are expecting some progress reports, […]